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Basketball triumph with NEXUS


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Front of AA Center


Compound from above

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US NBA finals broadcast with NEXUS

Dallas (USA), July 2011: A huge victory for German Basketball superstar Dirk Nowitzki and his Dallas Mavericks team. On June 12th the Mavericks won the NBA finals against arch rivals Miami Heat. Three of the six finals were fought out at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas where they were broadcast using the finest German audio technology. Host broadcaster ESPN used a large NEXUS network for this very special occasion.

NEXUS’ task was to link the sources in the hall to the central production vehicle in the Broadcast centre and to network all the other OB and production trucks in the on-site compound. All of these were networked entirely via MADI using NEXUS and fibre-optic connections. Another four NEXUS Base Devices with analogue and digital mic inputs were positioned inside the arena to pick up the ambient sound and – most important – the voices of the announcers who commentate on the match from the sidelines. A NEXUS Star router distributed all the audio signals to the various control rooms which, apart from audio control rooms, also included an HD and 3D video equipped OB truck.