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AES: STAGETEC shows AURUS and CRESCENDO consoles with Loudness Metering (only english)


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2012 09-ibc-Aurus 



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San Francisco, October 2012: STAGETEC extends the functionality of the NEXUS based audio consoles AURUS and CRESCENDO with another new loudness metering feature. Loudness values may be exported for long term logging and legal audit trail. “In broadcast where our systems are in common use, the importance of loudness metering is still increasing“, affirms Sam de Pauw, international sales manager of STAGETEC. “Our new interface to the most sophisticated loudness logging system on the market today significantly eases the burden of documenting and analyzing loudness measurements for our customers!”
Exactly one year ago, SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP unveiled the first integrated loudness metering for NEXUS. This enabled each NEXUS Base Device to provide simultaneous and independent metering for three audio programs with up to eight channels each. The NEXUS software includes loudness metering in accordance with the American ATSC RP A/85 as well as with the international ITU and European EBU recommendations and enables external peripherals to be eliminated.
The software provides three loudness integration options: Momentary metering with an integration time of 400 ms, Short-term metering with an integration time of 3 s and Integrated metering with custom integration time, which enables Loudness Range (LRA) to be calculated natively within the NEXUS. The results of the Integrated measurement can be inserted directly as metadata into a Dolby E stream or, with the help of the new interface, stored for later use.

In San Francisco SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP showcases AURUS, one of the best selling large scale digital live and production consoles. At its introduction in 2002, AURUS was the first fully digital console to feature an analog-style control surface giving instant access to all key parameters. Thanks to its user-friendliness, flexibility and sonic excellence AURUS has gained overwhelming success since then. The AURUS reference list includes the most prestigious venues such as the Guthrie Theaters (Minneapolis, Minnesota) the Moscow Kremlin Palace as well as the Moscow Bolshoi Theater (Russia), the “Bird’s Nest” Olympic Stadium for the 2008 Beijing games (China), BMW’s automobile delivery and event center in Munich (Germany) and the BBC Scotland broadcasting service headquarters in Glasgow (U.K.).
AURUS features up to 300 input channels accessible via a control surface providing from 16 to 96 freely assignable channel strips plus a master section. The separate audio processing and routing system NEXUS STAR undertakes all the audio signal processing and gives access to the extensive features of a NEXUS audio network such as signal and format conversion, transparent signal forwarding and a massive total of up to 4096 to 4096 I/O’s. Thanks to this distributed architecture concept the main console control surface remains compact, lightweight and fan free, recommending itself for any installation where weight and low dissipation loss are key criteria.
The AURUS is ideally suited and fully equipped to meet the demands of surround productions in formats up to 7.1 and adapts to almost any customer requirement due to almost unlimited configurability and modularity.

CRESCENDO is the AURUS smaller sibling. Using the same audio processing, CRESCENDO offers nearly as many mixing features as AURUS but with a much smaller footprint. The control surface is more compact with fewer knobs and buttons. The console is a response to the increased demand for slimmed down user interfaces with reduced fea¬ture sets.
CRESCENDO is freely configurable both in respect to the number of channels and the number of buses. Configurations of up to 300 audio channels and 128 summing buses are supported.

The fully digital NEXUS is one of most versatile audio network and routing systems on the market today and is a core product of STAGETEC, the Berlin based R&D company within the SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP. With a completely modular structure and connected via fiber-optics, NEXUS forms decentralized audio-networks of any desired size. A wide choice of boards configured individually and mounted in compact 19'' racks make NEXUS a true multi-purpose device providing not only audio routing but also A/D and D/A conversion, signal processing, audio format conversion, signal transmission (SDI), power amplifier control plus intercom matrix and talkback functionality.
NEXUS and the router node NEXUS STAR are also hosts to the audio processing of STAGETEC mixing consoles such as AURUS and CRESCENDO.

Please visit the SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP at the AES Convention at booth no. 526.