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AES: SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP: A powerful association for professional audio (only english)


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Stefani Renner/Christoph Lieck
Industriegebiet See
D-96155 Buttenheim
Phone: +49 9545 440-167 / -168
Fax:+49 9545 440-111
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Facts & figures for the press about the German market leader in professional audio.

San Francisco, October 2012: The SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP is a dynamic consortium of three professional audio enterprises. Together, in their respective fields of development and manufacture, project engineering and distribution, they are pan-European market leaders in audio, video and intercom technology. Combining forces in a business group generates a highly effective synergy. Thus, the MEDIAGROUP offers a broad range of dovetailed products and services which complement each other perfectly – from a simple cost-effective announcement system for a school or a sound-reinforcement installation in a house of worship, all the way to the design, construction and project management of extensive multi-disciplinary solutions for broadcasters, theaters, stadiums, and multi-purpose venues.
Founded back in 1963 by Friedrich Salzbrenner as a repair and maintenance shop for radio broadcast systems, the MEDIAGROUP today consists of three enterprises each of which contribute specialized expertise to the consortium’s broad range of products and services.

Which companies form the MEDIAGROUP?

STAGETEC is an independent corporation which has specialized in the design of digital audio technology such as routing systems (product lines: NEXUS and NEXUS STAR) and professional mixing consoles (product lines: AURUS, CRESCENDO, AURATUS, ON AIR 24).
STAGETEC, based in the German capital Berlin, is recognized as one of the leading pioneers in the age of transition from analog to digital audio and has established new benchmarks in recent decades thanks to continuous research and development. The 2002 launch of its new flagship console AURUS was a notable success with several hundred systems sold worldwide. In 2012, the audio console product range includes digital mixing desks in sizes and configurations for broadcast, theater, stadiums and multi-purpose venues.
The STAGETEC reference list includes the most prestigious venues in the world such as the Guthrie Theaters (Minneapolis, Minnesota) the Moscow Kremlin Palace as well as the Moscow Bolshoi Theater (Russia), the “Bird’s Nest” Olympic Stadium for the 2008 Beijing games (China), BMW’s new automobile delivery and event center in Munich (Germany) and the BBC Scotland broadcasting service headquarters in Glasgow (U.K.).

Based in Buttenheim (Germany), SALZBRENNER STAGETEC Audio Video Mediensysteme focuses on highly integrated audio and video solutions for theaters and operas, multi-media presentation installations in museums, exhibition halls, convention centers, multi-purpose venues and large installations for broadcasting and professional video production.
Besides design and distribution of professional audio products the company is regarded as one of Europe’s few leading general contractors and systems integrators in the world of pro audio with nearly 50 years of experience. More than 45 highly skilled project engineers design customized solutions that are meticulously executed from the detailed technical planning and engineering through to the installation and commissioning phases. Even projects with very tight time-tables, such as the replacement of a theater's entire audio system during the summer break, are dependably finished on schedule.

The intercom technology market segment is served by DELEC, part of the MEDIAGROUP since 2002. DELEC, based in Göllheim (Germany) was founded 1995 in response to the immense demand for intercom systems in broadcasting, TV-production, and theaters. Since then, DELEC has continuously advanced its position in the international market with its key products the oratis intercom and commentary systems. A modular concept based on plug-in cards and many different individual components make oratis a universal platform for a wide variety of applications. Thanks to its ingenious architecture with de-centralized intelligence on individual cross-point cards, the system is equally convincing for small-scale applications with as few as four stations as it is for large installations for more than 4,000 users.

At www.stagetec.com you find a full reference list.