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Don’t Forget the CRESCENDO!


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Culver City, CA, September 2010: During the summer, Touring Video installed a temporary TV production studio outside Studio 11 at the famous Culver Studios in the USA. The Suite was used for almost two months to record over 160 episodes of the popular US Fox game show “Don’t Forget the Lyrics”. For the Audio Control Room, they fitted a STAGETEC CRESCENDO digital console with 32 faders, 120 Input channels, and both stereo and surround sum busses. The CRESCENDO console and its NEXUS STAR processing rack were in the audio control room, while the other NEXUS Base Devices, which house the I/O, were placed wherever they were required: on the set, in the videotape machine room and in the audio booth. The CRESCENDO, its NEXUS STAR, and the Base Devices were interconnected via fiber optic cables, a big relief to the audio assistants who were delighted not to have to pull hundreds of meters of heavy multi-core analog cabling into place.

GMA, STAGETEC Specialists in the US, made the deal with Touring Video for the 32 fader CRESCENDO and supported the sessions on site. Doug Armstrong, owner of Touring Video, was pleased with the support that he received from GMA and STAGETEC. “My whole team was impressed by how quickly the console setup came together and with the sound. I was also impressed by the fact that the backend was virtually silent, which enabled us to install the DSP rack in the audio control room.”
Chris Rich, sound supervisor for the recordings said, “I’m impressed with the build and sound quality of the board. The CRESCENDO is laid out in a really intuitive way and is very easy to get going on. We plugged in the mics and were amazed with the clean sound. Even the director poked his head into the audio booth to comment on the great sound, which is a very rare occurrence.”

Arnie Toshner of GMA commented: "The CRESCENDO and Engineering Emmy® award winning NEXUS bring a powerful combination to the TV pro-duction landscape. At last there is a reliable, time-saving, fibre-optic solution for the ever more complex and evolving problems of TV game shows."